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Gulliver by Peter Rossfour
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A fast moving thriller, in which the past catches up with the present, with an underlying current of a hidden, unknown force orchestrating everything.
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Two British female scientists as well as the husband and nine year old daughter of one are killed on the same day. They were doing top-secret research for the government, and their deaths cause the authorities to shut down their research base. The surviving husband, Professor Simon Madison, a renowned Astro-Physicist, resigns from Oxford University and returns to his native homeland, America, where he soon starts working on top-secret research for the American government.

Years later, on a visit to Egypt to view the pyramids, he meets and falls in love with Diana Cartland, a British scientist. They meet up with an old friend of Simon’s, Professor Josiah Parkes, and are joined by an Israeli tourist, one Rhoda Marcus, who unbeknownst to them is a Mossad agent sent to watch over Simon and Diana.

On a night-time visit to the Giza plateau the foursome accidently discover what seems to be a hidden base beneath the plateau. Simon and Josiah manage to penetrate the base where, to their horror, they discover highly irregular research is being done into the use of giant Tesla coils. During an accidental melt-down, nineteen base personnel go missing, seemingly vaporized. Simon and Josiah feel it their duty to go public with the news.

Before they can do so, the local CIA agent informs them they have been placed on a hit-list by the corrupt American Secretary of State, who cannot afford for them to divulge their story to the Press. Unable to sanction their demise through official channels, he enlists the aid of a powerful general who hires the world’s top assassin, The Viper. On learning of this, the four go into hiding in Alexandria, in a fortified estate belonging to a friend of Josiah’s.

In the interim two Russian scientists working on a Super Soldier at a hidden base in Siberia plan to escape, whilst one of the most brilliant scientists of the old South African regime, Dr. Eben Visser, working in a hidden underground base in France, is ready to test his version of a Super Soldier.

Entering the fray from England, another deadly assassin, a lady of noble birth, is given the task of kidnapping Doctor Cartland. She jets into Alexandria in search of her prey.

When The Viper arrives nearly simultaneously, the chance of survival for the four reduces to almost nil...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 112000
Published: Aug 2016

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