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Froggy Vet's by Stef Enrieu
Froggy Vet's
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William Walters had an interest in animals since he was a young child, from his first experience at the age of five, saving a frog from drowning by giving it the kiss of life, breathing down its mouth, by a small pond at his parents back garden. After kissing the frog, he always had the nickname ‘Froggy’.

After 30 years from that first experience, he’s now a qualified vet that has his own private veterinary businesses, with a difference. It’s not in a house or a rented place, but on a barge called Froggy Vet’s with his companion, a white cat with black patches called Jester.

Follow the fun adventures of 'Froggy' and his companion as they travel along the canals

eBook details:
Number of Words: 40500
Published: May 2017

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