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Fractured Lives - Bipolar Disorder by Thea Hartley
Fractured Lives - Bipolar Disorder
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This eBook is intended to aid understanding of mental health problems, with a main focus on Bipolar Disorder.

"My first husband suffered from severe psychosis and died as a result of suicide. In his memory, our daughter Karen Rosser, decided to run the 2016 London Marathon. I can't run a marathon but I did decide to write this book. It will hopefully increase awareness of mental health problems and help raise money for the charity MIND, which offers advocacy and support to mental health sufferers.

I was employed as a psychologist and psychology lecturer for over thirty years. During this time, I worked therapeutically with many people suffering from different forms of psychosis and their families. I also taught abnormal and criminal psychology keeping abreast of all recent developments."

eBook details:
Number of Words: 54500
Published: Feb 2017

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