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Faith Byrd
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Crime & Detective
Kate Markus - A Stolen Life
What do you do when someone turns up pretending to be your husband? What do you do when that person threatens your children and grandchildren? Read Kate’s story, see what happens when a family is put under terrible pressure and how a strong woman responds.
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Kate Markus - The cold case of lies
A good friend asks Kate Markus to investigate and write a book about the murder of Karen Angelo... a cold case that happened years ago...
Join Kate Markus as she takes on the task, little realizing that she once again may be facing danger and with no foreshadowing of the amazing new love she will find that will affect her and her family.
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Kate Markus - Revenge
Kate senses impending danger, but is it real? She wonders if maybe she needs the adrenaline rush and it’s just imagination. But complacency can be fatal. Kate pays the price, her past rears up ugly and brutal, tearing a hole in her safety and the security of everyone around her.
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Faith Byrd
I was raised in Weatherford Texas, Married young and had to put off collage until my children were older. Then I was traveling the world with my husband and five kids in the US Army. The world has been a big place and we have had many adventures, plane rides with bullet holes in the inside windows (but that another story), neighbors who murder two girls, then just normal life hearing of others troubles.
Despite all our adventures, my children grew up happy and healthy and have a good life. But I found a fondness to write about all the things going on in our world today, crime, terrorism, and anything you might find in the headline of a newspaper. I like to stay close to subject and make a relationship with the reader and have a surprise at the end.

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