The Death of Biggar Fro - a short prequel to 'The Magi' series of Science Fiction eBooks by Robert Cubitt.

The Death of Biggar Fro

by Robert Cubitt

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This short story is the prequel to 'The Magi' series of books.


When one of the most elusive criminals in the galaxy uses his power and his money to evade arrest, who you gonna call?

Who else but An Kohli, honoured member of the Guild of Bounty Hunters, pin up girl for police forces across the galaxy and scourge of the criminal classes.

But even An Kohli still has to get up close and personal before she can make an arrest, so when Biggar Fro hides out in a maximum security luxury hotel there are challenges to be faced and bodyguards to be overcome, not least of whom is a knee tremblingly good looking Aloisan by the name of Thomaso.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 12500
Published: Feb 2016

Genre: Science Fiction
Sub-genres: Crime

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