The Ranee's Tears - a Historical Romance eBook by Sarah M Jefferson.

The Ranee's Tears

by Sarah M Jefferson

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Set in Georgian high society in the late eighteenth century. With a lively cast of characters, some straightforward and some devious, they come together in an exciting tale of murder, mayhem, intrigue and romance.

The Ranee’s Tears are a matched pair of diamonds of exceptional clarity and beauty with a tragic legend attached to them. They are owned by the Harcourt family and are instrumental in a disastrous meeting between Rohase Harcourt and Edward Carshalton. Inadvertently, they misunderstand each other and part acrimoniously.

Two years later, Edward returns to London from a mission to France to find his grandfather murdered. He died clutching the ‘Edward Badge’, a talisman of no great worth, but of immense importance to the family. That same night a young cousin is killed. Edward determines to find out who has done these dreadful deeds. In the course of his investigation he consults Henry Monfort, a man-about-town who prides himself on always being the first in the know. Henry tells him of other mysterious thefts of family heirlooms and after much thought concludes the Ranee’s Tears may be next. Edward immediately rides to warn the Harcourts, only to find Rohase has taken the diamonds to her cousin. Edward hurriedly follows her and arrives just in time to scare off some highwaymen who, curiously, are only intent on stealing the Ranee’s Tears. Edward’s timely intervention goes a long way to reconciling them and they decide they must join forces and try and solve the murders, which now appear to be tied into the thefts.

Who is behind the systematic plundering of prized family possessions, and why are worthless heirlooms targeted as well as priceless ones? Obviously there is a ruthless mind at work if murder does not matter. Edward and Rohase set a trap at a grand ball and, although the trap is not successful, it starts a train of events that leads to a satisfactory denouement.


eBook details:
Number of Words: 101000
Published: Aug 2013

Genre: Romance
Sub-genres: Historical Romance / Mystery & Adventure / Romance

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