The Grrybhñnös Chronicles - a Fantasy eBook by B J Beach.

The Grrybhñnös Chronicles

by B. J. Beach

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A prequel to 'The Trouble With Magic' series.

Hunted for their fur, their magic skills almost forgotten, the Grrybhñnös race faces extinction. Relocated to another world through a shift portal by an unexpected ally, they are helped and guided by the Alimanthiristine, (the Alima) a race of beautiful elementals acting as temporary guardians of Alith, the Grrybhñnös’ new home.

Accompanied by his cousin Wiffa, who, it is discovered, has a remarkable talent for magic, the young Grrybhñnös chief Rholin makes an amazing discovery in the nearby lake. Determined to search the Aliman Hall of Records to investigate further, he is frequently side-tracked as things like family squabbles, a deadly illness, and a clan skirmish all make demands on his time.

Following the birth of his son, he decides to delay his research until later in the year, and it is during this time that he finds that some of the Alima are not what they seem. Aided by his cousin’s magic skills, he is able to enter the Hall of Records again in secret. Transported through time, his discoveries and experiences while lost in its crystal vastness, lead him back to the lake, and it is there, in its green mysterious depths that he and Wiffa begin to discover the true destiny of the Grrybhñnös race.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 107000
Published: Aug 2016

Genre: Fantasy

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