Kate Markus - A Stolen Life - a Crime eBook by Faith Byrd.

Kate Markus - A Stolen Life

by Faith Byrd

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I went to Jason’s house. I knew he would be home soon. But to my surprise he was home and I was not going to get a happy reception. He was sitting on the front porch with his arms crossed, scowling. I got out of the car to face the music.

“I just had a call from Sheriff Lane in South Dakota. Let me get this straight. Levi and Dad are missing or at least haven’t called yet, some guy just found Dad’s checkbook in South Dakota, he’s about to bring it to my house pretty soon. The Sheriff thinks I should be careful, and this is the first I heard of this.”

“I’m sorry son, I really am.”

“What were you thinking?” Some sons would be more disrespectful, not mine.

“I wasn’t thinking very clearly, at first I was waiting for your dad to call and tell me he lost his checkbook. Then when everything didn’t sound right, you were on that assignment and I thought I could handle it. Then it all went to hell and I headed for you.”

“I’d have appreciated it you would have let me help decide if it was serious. What do you think it’s like, hearing about this first from a sheriff’s deputy? Knowing it been going on for over a day?” ...

* * *

What do you do when your husband goes missing and you don’t know if he is dead or alive?

What do you do when someone turns up pretending to be your husband?

What do you do when that person threatens your children and grandchildren?

Read Kate’s story, see what happens when a family is put under terrible pressure and how a strong woman responds.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 27000
Published: Oct 2014

Genre: Crime & Detective
Sub-genres: Thriller

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