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Thea lives in Bridgend, South Wales. She has been writing since a child, from the time she could hold a pen. However, apart from a few stories published in magazines over the years, and academic papers, she only became a serious, full time writer, when in the last few years she had to give up her career as a Psychology Lecturer due to a degenerative eye disease.

Her interest in Criminal Psychology arises from her profession, and she has used her knowledge, to help create the heroine, in her series of psychological crime mystery thrillers.

The 'Resa James criminal psychologist' series of books comprises, 'Kith And Kill', 'Sticks And Bones', 'Kill And Cure', 'Tooth And Claw', and 'Gone And Forgotten'.

Thea has also written several other books, including a three book biography about her Grandfather, her Father and their business - Vol 1 'The French Letter King'; Vol 2 'Secrets of the French Letter King'. Vol 3 'Fall of The French Letter King' will be published in 2017.

Her latest fiction book 'Wear Bright Colours For Me' is a story about reincarnation, Karmic destiny and 'Soul Mates'.

2017 has also seen the publication of 'Fractured Lives - Living With Psychosis' a book about Bipolar Disorder as observed by Thea in over 30 years of working as a psychologist and psychology lecturer.




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