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Peter Rossfour

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Peter Rossfour is a semi-retired general factotum. Having studied a large variety of subjects, his all-time passion is the amazing, nearly incomprehensible phenomenon of Parallel Realities, a theme which forms the foundation of his Y/A and older trilogy, 'The Three Mirrors', of which the first, 'Through a Mirror Darkly', is available on Amazon and the like. The Jesus Parallel also utilizes this premise.

Having devoted a lifetime of study into the workings of the human mind, he is the first to admit he still knows next to nothing and will probably never understand human behaviour, as is clearly illustrated in his, 'The Supreme Bloody Joker', also available on Amazon.

His fascination with Jesus stems from an unfortunate incident in his dim and distant childhood, and his inability to understand how God could possibly have a son when He does not have a divine spouse. If the traditional Biblical explanation is to be accepted it strips God of His divinity, as is explained in the upcoming non-fiction book, 'We’ve Got God All Wrong'.



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