C P Sennett an author of Business, and Crime, and Fantasy, and Mystery & Adventure, and Science Fiction eBooks

C P Sennett

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C P was born on the 18th December 1975 and lives with his family in Suffolk, England.

He is the owner of a number of profitable small business’s and has enjoyed a successful career prior to his own ventures working in a number of large corporate companies.

His professional experience has largely been in sales, initially starting in Architectural Ironmongery but mostly in the Recruitment and IT sectors.

C P Sennett’s award winning experience covers local, national and international clients and his business expertise has seen his companies continue to remain profitable year on year. An active member of the business community benefiting from time served on local business committee’s and in other steering groups.

In his spare time he enjoys reading and writing fantasy novels and has spent many years studying and teaching martial arts.

He considers himself fortunate to have worked with some excellent business professionals in his time. He credits much of the results he enjoys to “watching other successful people and adapting as they do.”

He owes a lot of credit to the biggest influences in his life which are his parents and also pays particular thanks to his wife who has been a huge support, giving him the time to turn ideas into reality.



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