What is love?

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By Simon J. Sebastian.

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What is love - the poets ask, the philosophers think they know, even the scientists are interested.

Is it a feeling? Is it romance? Is it pheromones? Is it a biological need? What is love?

Your heart moves at the sight of your lover, their simplest touch fills you with pleasure, and ecstasy is only an embrace away.

And pain, let’s not forget the pain, of desire, of separation, of loss - but isn’t it the pain that heightens the sense of pleasure - can there be love without pain? What is love?

Love, that mysterious inner demon that drives us to do the most high and the most low, the most brave and the most cowardly and craven things. What is Love?

Yet love is not just ‘love’ - there is love of place; love of family; love of work; love of your favorite item of clothing ... I remember a song ‘I Love My Shirt’ by Donovan... how true, how true. Love of nature; love of solitude; love of company... so many ‘loves’ yet, what is love?

Love, that inspires painting and poetry and great deeds of daring do... Why, to what purpose, what is love?

“Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” or “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah” - be it Shakespeare or The Beatles, what drives the great artists to ponder, and think, and strain, and try and try and try and, yes still try some more, to capture the heart, the essence, the nature, the spirit, of love.

And when people write, or sing, or even think of love, do they define it? Yes, in a way, they all do, but there is more... there is that elusive butterfly that flutters within sight but tantalisingly just out of reach... I can see it - can you - it’s sort of green or blue or yellow or some colour that I simply don’t have the name of ... it’s on the tip of my tongue but then it’s gone... What is love?

What is love? I will tell you. It is this moment. It is you. It is all that you care for and care about. Cherish it for we are all soon gone and not even love remains, a memory is just a memory and that fades. But the moment, THE moment - now, that is love.

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