Red Nose Day

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By Robert Cubitt

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Will you be giving any money to Comic Relief (a.k.a. Red Nose Day) on 24th March? I will.

I think this is a marvellous charity, with comedians and other celebrities giving up their time to raise money for people in need around the world. A large proportion of the money raised is spent on children, because they are ones who suffer the most during any crisis.

Already we have seen various well-known people going out to Africa to show us how the money we donate is spent, and also showing us how much more needs to be done. As well as that we have seen other well-known names dressing up and making fools of themselves for our benefit. Last night I watch “Sing And Dance For Comic Relief” on catch up TV and I almost wet myself with laughing. If that isn’t worth £20 of my money then I don’t know what is.

But I’m an author. I can’t help taking a look at the world around me and asking “what if …?”

So, what if the wrong sort of people managed to get involved with the world of charitable telethons, what might happen? How would we, the ordinary people in the street, even know it was happening? I can assure you it wouldn’t be readily identifiable from the accounts filed with the Charities Commission.

So I got my over-active imagination working and I came up with “The Charity Thieves” in which an imaginary, but very worthwhile, charity is used by some not very nice people to make money for themselves, rather than for the charity.

Now, I thought that I was making all this up, until I got an e-mail from a reader who told me that what I had described was really just the tip of the iceberg in the real world. You could have knocked me down with a collecting tin!

So, while you watch Comic Relief on the 24th, why not think about what might go wrong in the world of charity fundraising and then read “The Charity Thieves” to see if I have thought the same.

And here’s an added incentive – 10% of all royalties I receive from sales will be donated to Comic Relief, but please don’t forget to make your own donation as well.

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Click to see: The Charity Thieves.

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