Love or Hate

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By SuZanne Ahlin

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There are some days in the year that you either love or hate. One of these days is Valentine’s day.

If you’re in love, with the right person, it’s one of the best day of the year. He or she surprise you with a nice gift, make the day special in a way the two of you love.

But if you’re alone, Valentine’s day is maybe not one of your favourite days.

The lonely one try to ignore this day. But how can you succeed in that when the world flash hearts all around you. You open a page on your phone and get a suggestion to download hearts for your selfie. You hurry to close and sit down by your computer and start Facebook. What is the first you see? Animated pictures of cupid, balloons with heart, special clothes. Who buy clothes you only are supposed to use one day?

Now you think; oh, poor soul. There she is, all alone, no teddy bears with heart her way.

Well, in a way you’re right. But I have something special in my life; my Secret World. There I can get all the love I can imagine.

But please, she can’t live on that.

No, no one can, even if it’s very nice at times. But one Valentine’s day I got a text saying;

“You know that Valentine’s day isn’t only for silly boys in love, right? I love you mum, don’t forget that ever.”

So, when I sit here, alone, with my Secret World and Valentine’s day is getting closer I remember that text. Maybe my son doesn’t write every year. But he did one year and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Because you don’t HAVE to love your parents. But my son loves me.

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