The “two minute warning”

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By Anthony Mongilia

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I’m approaching the “two minute warning” of my coaching career. For those who know nothing about American Football, the two minute warning is given to both benches informing the coaches that the clock stops and will start again on the next snap. This is what’s happening to me personally.

When you’re young, filled with goals/aims and ambitions just starting out with your coaching career, you never think about the end. Now I’ve heard that whistle blow and it’s time to realize the game is almost over.  The clock is running out.

Did you ever think about where you would be in life when the “two minute warning” takes place? I didn’t but now it’s facing me in the mirror. I’ve heard it, the end of my coaching career.

Starting the game learning all the “ropes” of preparing, practicing, game planning and facing the results really is the first quarter of your profession.

The second quarter you’re moving up the ladder passing those who weren’t as prepared as you were, being observant and being kind as you pass by. Seeing progress and now understanding what it takes to be a “winner”.

At half time you evaluate your game plan, make adjustments and get ready to really move out of the locker room and take charge. You see progress.

The third quarter you’re now winning and reaping all the rewards of constantly striving for success. You’re winning. You’ve reached the top.

The forth quarter of life and of your career you can start to see others moving up the ladder and you’re trying to stay ahead. Always looking back to see where your opponents are. They are catching up. You just can’t move as fast. You see that things are moving much faster now than ever before but you still know what to do and how to win.

Then the whistle blows, the referee comes over to you and says “coach” you have two minutes left to play. It’s how you handle yourself at the end the game that decides the final outcome.

How will you handle yourself when the “two minute warning” comes and hits you square in the nose. I hope that we all handle it well and go out as winners.

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