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Robert Cubitt

'Writing A Book That Sells', published November 2014.
'The Warriors: The Girl I Left Behind Me' published December 2014.
'I Want That Job' and 'The Warriors: Mirror Man' both published July 2015.
'The Charity Thieves' - published December 2015.
'An Alternative Christmas Carol' - published January 2016.

'The Death of Biggar Fro' (short story) and 'The Magi' (a novel), published February 2016.

Paperback version - 'The Warriors - The Girl I Left Behind Me' published December 2015.

Robert CubittRobert has always been keen on writing and has tried his hand at various projects over the years, but the need to earn a crust had always interfered with his desire to be more creative. After serving with the RAF, working as a logistics planner for Royal Mail and as a Civil Servant with the Ministry of Defence.

Robert took up writing full time in 2012 and produced two works of fiction in rapid succession. In truth these had been "works in progress" while he had still been in fulltime employment and just needed finishing off.

In his spare time Robert enjoys playing golf, is a member of a pub skittles team and is trying, unsuccessfully, to learn to play the ukulele.

To find out more about Robert and his books or to read his weekly blog, please visit his website  www.robertcubitt.com or ‘like’ his Facebook Page 



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