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Ex-L-Ence Publishing, dedicated to bringing you the best eBooks and paperback books...

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Mordred's Victory by Jamie Clubb - publication date 20th Sep.
Sweet Mungo by Meriel Brooke - publication date 27th Sep.


Recent Kindle eBooks
Benjamin K. M. Kellogg - '
Noah and Logan Learn to Clean'
Linzy Bruno - 'The Dawdle Book'
Ermine Hibbert - '
Brothers Unite'

Recent Smashwords eBooks
Robert Agar-Hutton - 'I’ve written my book and now I can retire.'

Linzy Bruno - 'The Dawdle Book'

Sarah M Jefferson - 'Changing Places'

Coming in October...
Peter Rossfour - 'The Jesus Parallel'
B. J. Beach - 'The Wilder'
Faith Byrd - 'Missing and Replaced'

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